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Jersey Fabric

What is Jersey Fabric – Clothing Study

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Jersey fabric is a woven fabric that is mainly used to make clothing. It was originally made of wool, but it is now made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. In the middle Ages, Jersey was first produced in the Channel Islands. They were also an important exporter. At that time woolen cloth was more familiar than jerseys. In 1918, Gabrielle Coco designed the jersey fabric.

Types of Jersey Fabric 

  • Single jersey
  • Double jersey
  • Interlock jersey
  • Jacquard jersey
  • Clocqué jersey
  • Stretch jersey

Single Jersey Fabric 

Single Jersey is a type of woven fabric made of cotton or a mixture of cotton and synthetics. Some uses of this fabric include T-shirts and winter beds. The fabric is warm, supportable, stretch, and very insulating.

Features of Single Jersey 

1. Face side and back side are different

2. The edges of Single Jersey are rolled or twisted

3. Wales on the face side is clearly understood

4. The width is twice the length

5. The thickness of the fabric is twice the diameter of the yarn used


 It is mostly used to make T-shirts.

Double Jersey Fabric

Double Jersey is a fabric made up of two sets of needles. The double jersey is almost the same as the single jersey, but the face and backside of the double jersey are pretty much the same.

Features of Double Jersey 

1. Face side and backside are the same

2. The edges of Double Jersey do not bend or twist

3. Wales on the face side is clearly understood

4. The width is about three times the length

5. Elasticity is much less


 It is usually used to make sports t-shirts.

Interlock fabric

The interlock fabric is known as double fabric. This is another type of Weft woven fabric. However, it is different from Single Jersey.

Features of Interlock Fabric

1. Face side and backside are the same

2. Face-side and backside wales are locked together.

3. Length’s elongation according to width is the same as Single Jersey.

4. The edges of the cloth do not crease.

5. The density of the fabric is almost double that of Single Jersey





Table mat etc.

Jacquard Fabric Fabric

Jacquard Fabric is a type of fabric that features a complex pattern woven with a special mechanical weave.

Features of Jacquard Fabric

1. Durable and stable,

2. Strong with high elasticity 

3. Wear and wrinkle-resistant,

4. Beautiful to the touch,

5. Filled with decorative aesthetics.


It is mostly used for decoration.

Clocqué Fabric

Clocqué jersey fabric is a compound or double fabric that is produced jacquard using a variety of yarns and is often blended with silk/wool or silk yarn.


It is mostly used as carpet.

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