Tips for Shade Matching in Textiles: Clothing Study

Tips for Shade Matching in Textiles - Clothing Study

Tips for Shade Matching in Textiles: Clothing Study

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There is a saying in the field of dyeing that “dyeing is a game of water, it is difficult to know which way it will go. Even if you dye in the land of the moon, there will be batch to batch shade variation”. Any shade issue is usually matched by re-dyeing, but this is often time-consuming and costly. So there are some shortcut ways in the factory to match the shade. Here are some tips for shade matching in Textiles.

Shade Matching in Textiles


Tips for Shade Matching in Textiles


Disperse Dyes

By topping the knit fabric on the Stenter machine with disperse dye, some of the shed can be made OK. It comes in light tones, the color cannot make darker. Disperse Dyes has an advantage that it does not fixed on the cotton fabric and the color not seem to be uneven. If there is more problem with shade, the color will be removed by washing it. This wisdom applies to all those shades that will not be a garment wash or the buyer wants light reddish, yellowish, blueish shade. 

What to do if Yellowish tone is less of cloths colors?

You must finish the clothes with more heat. The yellowish tone grows automatically on the cloth when you will heat the fabric.

What if the clothes have to be reddish?

Steam the fabric inside the compactor or dryer and you will see that the Shade becomes reddish.

Make Yellowish & Darker

When you tumbler the fabric that will become yellowish and darker. It becomes 10% darker after tumbler.

How to deepen the shade of the knit fabric?

10-15% deeper can be done by using a color deepening agent, it has to be done on the Stenter machine.

Yellow Saffron & Blue Saffron

Yellow blue can be increased inside the fabric by finishing the knit cloth with yellow saffron and blue saffron.

Make Knit Fabric Lighter

If the knit cloth becomes light after washing inside the machine at the end of dyeing, then color edition has to be given inside it. However, if there is a large number of reactive dyes, this addition cannot be given as that may cause the spot on the fabric.

Fabric shade can be lighter if you increase the pressure and keep the steam high inside the compactor machine.

Reduce Yellow Tone from Woven Fabric

If you need to reduce the yellow tone from woven fabric then use brightener on the Stenter machine to reduce the yellow tone on the fabric.

Reduce Red Tone

If you need to reduce the red tone then finish fabric with urea at the rate of 10 grams per liter will reduce the reddish tone of the fabric. This has to be done on the Stenter machine.

To cover the red of the woven fabric, it should be topped with Turkish color. Topping with Turkish and Lemon Yellow will reduce the reddish feel of the fabric. It needs to be pigmented topping on the Stenter machine.

Caustic Wash

If the cloth is washed with caustic, it becomes reddish. If it is washed with soda, the cloth becomes yellowish.

Pigment Dye

If the shade of the cloth becomes light after dyeing the woven cloth, then the way to fix the shade in quick time is to top it with pigment color on the Stenter machine. In this way, there will not be any issue with shade. However, if there is a garment wash, it cannot be topped with pigment. The acid will be given in garment wash which will remove the coating of the pigment and the shade will be lost.

If the woven cloth becomes 15-20% light after washing, it cannot be covered by the pigment because it requires a lot of pigment. If you give more pigment, there will be a face and back problem of the cloth which means the shade of the face side and the shade of the backside will not match. In this case, you need to re-dye.

Fabric Off Shade 

Off shade (the shade that does not match the master shade or the target shade) needs to be hot washed with the partial strip. Then the shade correction will be done in the jigger machine by adding color.

Wetting Agent

You will see that the fabric will turn blue if you give a wetting agent while finishing the fabric on the Stenter machine.

Washing Speed of the Machine

After woven dyeing, the washing speed of the machine can be reduced and increased in the continuous wash machine to adjust the shade.

For example: if the machine speed is high, the cloth will go fast, the shade will be dark, and if the cloth is washed gently, the cloth will become light. It is necessary to make adjustments to the speed to increase or decrease the shade.

Use Chemicals Wisely

When the cloth is dark, wash it with caustic. The cloth will become light and reddish. And if you wash it with soda, it will be light and yellowish. To understand your shade requirement and use chemicals accordingly.

Increase Whiteness of the Fabric

Do Reactive topping with Blue R Spl dye on the Stenter machine to increase the whiteness and brightness of the white cloth. In this way, the yellow will go down and the tone will be bluish. The recipe should be finished at approximately 1 gram per 100 liters.

Use non-ionic foam or white foam to increase the brightness of the white cloth.

To enhance the whiteness of white cloth, you can top it with Brilliant Blue R Spl or Royal Blue. 1 gram of reactive dye per 100 liters should be used.

Rules for changing the tone in the compactor machine in textile

1. To make share reddish you have to increase the temperature and reduce the steam.

2. To make the shade yellowish, you have to increase the temperature and run the cloth without steaming.

3. To make the shade blue, you have to reduce the temperature and increase the steam.

White Saffron

You can use white saffron to reduce the yellow tone and to make the fabric soft.

Final Words

We believe these tips for shade matching in textiles for both current and future textile engineers. Matching shade is one of the most difficult tasks in fabric production. So these shade matching in textiles tips will ease your difficulty in bulk production.

To compare shade variation there are several tools that can be used.

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