Negative effects of fashion on society

Negative effects of fashion on society

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Whenever we think of fashion, the word style, color, or many other elegant images comes to our mind. Fashion is a principle that helps us to present ourselves in front of people the way we want. Fashion is not always seeming that people must follow the trend. Negative effect of Fashion on SocietyEveryone has their style, which shows the personality of that specific one. But in this influencing world, most of the people try to walk with the trend. According to them, it’s highly significant to survive in this society with dignity and honor. From some senses, it is not mandatory. They think not moving with the trend can be a reason for bullying, nagging. Fashion is a part of art. It is more like the way you want to paint yourself like a canvas. Digging deeper into the topic will open up some questions. Such as negative effects of the fashion on society & youth and also what are the effects of fast fashion?

What is fashion?

Fashion is an art which can be created by others or by you. Imagine a theme party you have visited. Everyone in that party wearing different cloths but still they looks similar, isn’t it? Fashion is like a theme party but in a broader sense. People who follows a particular fashion wear cloths which represent that. In other word it can be said fashion is to make someone presentable and to express someone’s personality or profession. Fashion is not constant, except if its representing a culture.

Sadly, our society, we describe fashion as wearing the expensive trendy latest clothes. If one is capable carry all the expenses, then they are on for the out. There is no doubt to say that good dressing sense increases confidence. Presenting yourself with the most beautiful clothes is like a competition. Keep the closet filled up with the trendiest designer clothes that are count as fashion to the group of people.

In this society, people judge each other with their appearance. But fashion should be one’s creation. It is not mandatory to follow someone else for appearance. People follow fashion designers and fashion models for the new trendy look. It is more like famous fashion designers are the trademark. If they make anything from wastages still, then their followers will take that and make a trend. So it’s all about acceptance.

Old Fashion

Why is Fashion Important?

Maintaining trendy vogue as it is not significant but at least follow some general fashion ideas and rules is matters a lot. Because when someone meets a person, before start talking they make a quick judge by the appearance. Dressing sense describes the personality of anyone. Kind of when we see an individual wearing a white apron in most cases without knowing we can determine that probably this is a doctor or a lab researcher. It has been possible there is a professional dress code.

What is Trend in Fashion?

A trend in fashion is comparable to a change in weather. Changes in fashion are a frequent and usual thing. When a vast amount of people following some specific new fashion that is called a trend. Now a days people are fond of trends.

Fashion trend and its Impact on Society

Though fashion trend seems very elegant and lavish. Still, there are many negative effects of fashion on society, which we will discuss further in this article. General people are the primary sufferer of this impact. It is more like maintaining the trend is for rich people. Rich people can easily afford the new lean. But it is hard for people with limited income. But this topic creates an instant question, is fashion harmful to society?

Fashion in different cultures

In this titan world with 195 countries there are more than thousands of cultures. Every culture has their rule fashion which is count as a mark. With the especial vogue, people can easily detect the culture of that person. People mainly follow the trend, not other cultures but generally, there is some specific genre in every culture. So culture is very vital in fashion. If we think what are the disadvantages of fashion? then few problems among the youth related to fashion arise.

Negative effects of fashion on society

Competitive Mentality

People in the workplace like office, in school, family gathering, friend zone always gets the attention if they have the proper outlook, attire, and the latest fashion sense. Most people judge others with their appearance. That is why there is a competitive mind among those people. They always try to maintain the trendiest look and fashion. From this thought, competitive behavior starts among them. There is a silly hidden competition run on them. They always try to grab the latest thing first in fashion and show up with each other. Sometimes it creates envy with the close one. The competitive mentality is like a hidden deadly virus.

Lack of Self-esteem

It is very significant to perceive and value ourselves. But the people who are fashion concern and lead their life based on following others, it is proven that they have very low self-esteem. They follow fashion models, social influencers for their attire, behavior, talking style, seating position, the gesture almost and everything. Following them continuously made those people low confident. It increases from the appreciation of general people like the relatives, colleagues, friends and many others. It means they can apply their own decision. They are dependent on others. But the inner value for own selves is hampering. Even these people have lack awareness. So it is easy to make them fool with anything.

Addiction to a New Outfit

Addiction to a New Outfit has Negative ImpactWhen do we think what are the consequences of fast fashion? In the first instance, the word that comes to our mind is addiction. The addiction to the new clothes in the closet is very usual in fashion concern people. Whenever the latest design comes to the store they try to grab it. Not barely the single piece of that dress few of them buy all the colors of the same design. It is a kind of addiction that is hard to get rid of that. Young students are dependent on their parents for the expenses, to them maintain this passion is hard unless their parents provide them a credit card or cash. The workers need to do two, three extra side jobs to lay in this. Think how much hard it is to marinating a trendy closet full of designer lavish outfits.

Spending Too Much Money on Fashion Trend

There is no doubt to believe that the people who follow the fashion trend spend too much. As a result of addiction to new clothes, they are cramped to spend from their pocket. They prefer spending the money on new clothes more than saving it for the future or any other investment. Paying for new clothes doesn’t bother them completely as everything looks very eye-dazzled when they are in front of new clothes. For them garnishing themselves with type new clothes is very natural and doesn’t count as misuse of self-earned money. Today in this competitive race, too much expenditure on a new trendy outfit is very often. People are accepting the behavior without bothering.

Waste of Cloths

On the one hand, they spend too much for the closet to fill up and on the other hand, they throw away old clothes. In most cases, any clothes are still available which were never take on for a single time even some of them are fond of wearing expensive clothes only for one time. It is a kind of moneyed practice for young rich kids. So as a rule those clothes got into dump as wastage and in very scarce cases for charity.


This world with lots of new development and different new things has changed people’s minds. If we give a deep look at the view of the youth, then simply can observe that most of them are very judgmental. Especially people with wealthy lifestyles are engaged in this habit. At every turn of life, they judge the people according to their dress-up, branded clothes. Sometimes it decreases the confidence of the people who are the victim of this silent human behavior. It kills the productivity level; it is a kind of bullying. It’s mostly happening among the students, kids. Often they start gossiping with close friends about other’s dress-up, looks, or any other things. They don’t understand that everyone has their own choice, style, and some limited choice.

Body Shaming and Mental Illness

The young generation is very concerned about the outlook they are so dependent on the fashion model for everything. The lifestyle of a fashion model is different from general people. They can’t lead their life without opinions from others. Like they can’t eat whatever they want, can’t wear whatever they wanted to. They live in a boundary. But the young generations are not aware of this, they follow their body shape, dress up, in fact, all of the postures.

The models are very skinny so the die heart followers of them also want to be like them. So for the desired goal, they start a less eating policy. For this reason, they start facing a lack of nutrition in their body. Even many followers died due to maintaining a very strict diet chart. When they are unable to make the fruits it makes them depressed. They get involved in much-unwanted work like taking the supplement to achieve the beauty like the models. They forget that the life of the models is fake. All they do is for the eye-dazzling to the followers.

Copying others

The people who follow the models and fashion icons forgot how to create something by themselves. They sink themselves into the world of copying. Whenever they find something dazzling from the fashionista they don't think twice to copy that. They follow their clothing manner, walking style, even talking pattern and gesture is followed by them. It is a very disappointing reaction from the young generation.

Effects on the Environment

There are many negative effects of fast fashion on the environment. The garment products need mass production. There are many pieces of equipment, which increases the use of energy, mass use of water which created massive pollution on the environment.

Lack of Patience and Dissatisfaction

There’s already a record that young people have lack patience. Whenever they find something new fashion trend or any new collection they can’t wait much to grab that. This is a very common deficiency among the youth. That behavior is the early sign of dissatisfaction. When they devoted themselves to new clothes they put one step ahead in this self-created mental pressure that the new clothes need to be in their closet. When they find the new one, until buying it there’s dissatisfaction on the old clothes occurs. Both these lack of patience and dissatisfaction are correlated.

Fake Image

Fake Image is one of the outcome of Fashion's Negative EffectsThe fashionable young generation lives their life under the copy-paste version of
models. But one thing they don’t try to understand is that the reality of models is fake. They show us what we wanted to see from them; skinny spotless bodies, showing body parts openly. The young people find it very charming and elegant, they don’t find anything wrong in this matter. They forget about their creativity.

Losing Inner Beauty and Confidence

When they are completely devoted themselves to copying others they don’t know that they are losing their real inner beauty. Due to a lack of confidence, they are scared to show their real identity in front of others.

Final Words for Negative effects of fashion on society

After all of this discussion, there is no doubt that there are various types of negative effects of fashion on society. Young people are very soft-hearted so it is easy to grab their attention, that is why the youth is their first target for selling their products. The young working people need to maintain a lot, to remain updated with the fashion flow. So the money that they earn most of that is spent on the outlook. The youth should learn how to increase their productivity level more than searching for new clothes. They should utilize their time, skill, energy on worth educative work not in something related to wastage. They need to understand that they are precious and they are future assets.

Let us know if there are any questions about our article on the Negative effects of fashion on society in below comment box.

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