Clothing Business Ideas : Top 20 Picks – Clothing Study

Top 20 Clothing Business Ideas

Clothing Business Ideas : Top 20 Picks – Clothing Study

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There are few product categories in which demand will always exist in the market. Cloths and garments are one of them. People will eat food and wear the garment under any circumstances. So it’s a good idea to start a clothing business. In this clothing study, we will discuss top clothing business ideas which you can start and will also discuss the opportunities to grow with each of the ideas. All the ideas have their specialty. So no matter you have a small investment or a big one, you can pick any one of them to start your own business.

Top 20 Clothing Business Ideas & Opportunities
Top 20 Clothing Business Ideas & Opportunities

The opportunities for the clothing business are limitless. Most people have a dilemma that if the clothing business is a profitable business or not. Yes, competition is high in this industry but if you know how to start a clothing business and make a plan properly then you can make money from this business. To make any plan you must know what options you have in your hand. That’s why we are explaining to you all the clothing business ideas here so that you can have a clear picture of different types of business in the garment industry.

Business Ideas for Clothing

Clothing Business Ideas for Housewives

Housewives who love sewing for personal usage can spend a little more time and start a home business. Who knows, maybe a simple hobby will bring new clothing ideas or fashion which no one has ever thought. Housewives can easily make dresses for their neighborhoods and can earn some extra money. Once you start getting popularity you can establish your business and take orders from outside of your neighborhood also. As you are already a sewer so you do not need to invest in the machine. Just arrange materials and utilize your creativity.

Start a Clothing Business from Home

A dedicated garment factory needs to have a separate Pattern & Marker section, Cutting section, sewing line, Finishing section, and a well-organized warehouse. It sounds so big. If you are at the starting of your clothing business and getting very small orders then there is no point in establishing a factory. It will take a large investment and more importantly which enough order you won’t be able to utilize your resources properly. So simply put 2-3 sewing & embroidery machine and cutting table in one corner of a room. If you can utilize this small setup then you can able to plan your factory in the future.

Small Embroidery & Quilting Services

There is a huge demand for embroidery and quilting work in the market. Every sewer has a sewing machine but many of them don’t have any embroidery or quilting machine. You can just ask them to send you the part of the garment where they one to put embroidery and you can charge them for the cost of making by adding materials cost. In the same way, you can provide a quilting service also.

Establishing Embroidery & Quilting Factory

It’s the same concept as the last point only making it bigger. Ask sewing factories if they need any embroidery and quilting service which you can serve in bulk qty. You need large space for factories, commercial machines, and trained manpower to build such a factory. You also need to have a merchant calculate the cost, source thread, interlining & other raw materials, and designer to make the buyer’s design to machine-readable design.

Our article on how to fix embroidery mistakes may help you in this business.

Embroidery Design Service

Embroidery is an added value to the garment which is not required in all kinds of garments. A lot of companies outsource embroidery design services only for the styles which have embroidery to save fixed costs. If you have good embroidery design skills then you can give this service as a freelancer or you can establish a company that gives embroidery design services by hiring embroidery designers.

Pattern Making Service

Pattern-making services usually target those who have a clothing business at home or in a small factory. Traditionally these kinds of small businesses tend to make patterns manually. But if software always helps to give the perfect fit of the garment. You can sell your pattern-making services to small startup companies to bring more accuracy in measurement and fit.

Fashion Designing Agency

The core of a clothing business is Fashion. If you don’t understand fashion then you can be a sewer but cannot build your clothing brand. There is a lot of retail clothing store and sourcing offices of some clothing brands who don’t have their fashion designer as it’s an expensive department to run. This type of company always outsources fashion designing services to finalize their collection.

The key services a Fashion designing agency gives –

  • Analyze fashion trends and sales report
  • Comparison of a competitors fashion concept
  • Finalizing fabric & trims quality and color
  • Confirming wash, hand feel, and other additional processes
  • Designing styles and generating measurement sheet
  • Review sample quality and fit
  • Provide technical advice to the production plant

Sourcing Agency

Sourcing agencies usually help clothing brands to source factories and materials around the globe as per their requirement. Brands always decide how much responsibility they want to give to these agencies. In most cases, agencies source materials and ensure bulk goods’ quality & on-time delivery. Brands pay these sourcing agents a monthly package or a percentage of the total value of these materials.

Service Agency

A lot of US & European clothing brands don’t have an office in the countries that are producing their garments. That’s why they appoint a local Service Agent to follow up on their orders. They can also work as a sourcing agent for those brands. Service Agency gets a percentage on FOB value once the shipment is done.

Marketing Agency Fabric & Trims

The concept of a Marketing Agency is the same as Sourcing Agency. The only difference is here marketing agents contact directly with the garment producers, sometimes with the brands. The fabric and trims suppliers most of the time appoint marketing agents in a different part of the world to promote their products and to coordinate costing, sample development, quality & delivery. Marketing agents must have a team who can provide any technical services to the garment factories.

Please read the rest of the 10 clothing business ideas in our next article.

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