Best Embroidery Machine under $1000 – Brother SE600

Best Embroidery Machine under $1000 - Brother SE600 Review

Best Embroidery Machine under $1000 – Brother SE600

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There’s always been a battle of features and budget when you want to buy something. When it comes to a technical product you may get more confused. If you are planning to buy a sewing & embroidery machine and having the same battle inside you then we are here to rescue you. We are going to review the best embroidery machine under $1000 which will serve your sewing & embroidery needs at the most affordable price. Brother’s SE600 Sewing & embroidery machine has all those necessary features for personal uses and small business purposes as well. It’s not an industrial machine so surely this machine can’t be used for your clothing business.

Best Embroidery Machine under $1000 - Brother SE600 Review

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Best Embroidery Machine under $1000

Brother is a Japanese multinational company who produces different types of electronics and electrical equipment. They are working in this industry since 1955 and built a good reputation as a sewing machine producer. They have launched their sewing and embroidery model SE600 in September 2017. From then sold thousands of this model around the globe.

Let’s look into its feature to understand why SE600 is one of the best embroidery machines under $1000.

Key Features – EmbroideryDesign Brother SE600 Review

  • Automatic thread cutting available
  • It has 80 Built-In Designs
  • Screen editing is possible
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed is 400 SPM
  • Speed adjustment is available
  • The hoop and embroidery area is 4″ x 4″

Key Features – Sewing

  • It has 103 built-in stitches and 9 built-in lettering fonts
  • 10 auto-sized buttonhole format
  • Independent Bobbin Winding Motor is available
  • Maximum Sewing Speed is 710 SPM
  • Can do a reverse stitch
  • Speed adjustment is available
Key Features Brother SE600 Review

Basic Features

  • Accessory Storage: Yes
  • It has an LCD display to choose from built-in design and stitch
  • It includes 7 sewing feet: Buttonhole Foot, Zipper Foot, Overcasting Foot, Blind stitch Foot, Monogramming Foot, Zigzag Foot, Embroidery Foot, Button Sewing Foot
  • Display Size: Width 3.2 inch x Height 1.8 inchNeedle Threader Brother SE600 Review
  • Has LED light
  • Automatic needle Threader
  • Realistic Preview available
  • No Screensaver
  • Simple Start/Stop Button
  • No thread sensor
  • No Wide Table Included
  • Power recommended: 120v

What’s in the Box?

  • Accessory pouch,
  • Bobbins,
  • Seam Ripper,
  • Needle Set,
  • Ball Point Needle,
  • Twin Needle,
  • Cleaning Brush,
  • Eyelet Punch,
  • Screwdriver,
  • Spool Caps,
  • 3 Pcs Pre-wound Bobbin With Embroidery Thread,
  • Extra Spool Pin,
  • Power Cord and
  • Operation Manual


  • Compatible for both sewing and embroidery
  • Fine stitching quality
  • Embroidery can be done on t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and similar products
  • It can be used for thick fabric
  • Good level of speed with speed controller
  • Standard Hoop size
  • Nice thread trimmer 
  • Has auto threading function
  • Good bunch of accessories in the box
  • Easy to get parts


  • Cannot import additional fonts directly into the machine
  • Few users have complained about thread tension
  • If you looking for an embroidery machine for large designs, this not the one
  • No Appliqué creating function and custom stitch feature
  • No automatic height and pressure feet adjustment
  • No knee lifter


Can you import other fonts?

No, you need to use embroidery software to use additional fonts

Increase the embroidery area?

The embroidery area is 4X4 inch and this cannot be changed. Few people try to use 4 x 4, 1 x 2.5 and 4 x 6-3/4. inch hoop but not recommended for beginners.

Can you make custom patches with this machine?

Yes, it’s possible

Which embroidery thread need to use?

SE600 is calibrated to use embroidery thread weighted top 40-50 and bobbin thread weighted 60.

Can the brother SE600 do Quilting?

This machine is not designed for quilting so it’s not recommended but you will get a limited quilting facility.

Can brother SE600 sew leather?

The maximum thickness of the fabric should be 6 mm

Which software can be downloaded to use for custom embroidery with Brother SE600?

Any embroidery software that makes *.pes .dst or .phc, .pen (from files will work.

How many years of warranty does the SE600 have?

The warranty for this machine is 1 Year for Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical Parts, 2 Years of Electronic Printed Circuit Boards, and 25 Years on the Chassis casting.

Can you embroider hats with this?

There is not a hat hoop manufactured for the SE600.

Can this machine automatically sew?

If you mean machine embroidery sews by itself. You just press the green light. In straight stitching, you have to use the foot pedal.

Buying Guide

What are we looking for in an embroidery machine which costs less than $1000? It should have a good number of built-in designs & stitches, perfect thread management, speed & speed management, good quality of accessories, and has to be nicely built to ensure durability. In addition to these basic features, after-sales service and warranty play an important role. Also, we are not looking for an industrial machine. We are looking for a sewing & embroidery machine which can be used for personal purposes and also for small businesses.

Does Brother SE600 serve these purposes? Yes, SE600 can serve in most cases and surely this is a great deal.

Why SE600 is the Best Embroidery Machine Under $1000

According to us, Brother SE600 is one of the best embroidery machines for the money and also a great machine to start a small business.

Let’s look into the below chart to get a small summary of product features. This rating has been done comparing with the similar products available in the market right now. Considering this we believe it’s below $1000 Brother SE600 can be considered as one of the best embroidery and sewing machine.

Built-in design

Built-in stitch

Thread management


Add on accessories




Final words

As always, understand your need before purchasing any product. We are here to analyze and based on that we recommend. But it’s you who knows yourself better. Ask yourself the questions on the topics we have covered and make your final decision.

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Also, you can write to us in the comment box or email us regarding any comment, query, suggestion, or request.


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