Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats – MB7

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats - MB7 Cover Picture

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats – MB7

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You always need to keep your eyes open and look for opportunities if you are a newbie in the clothing business. Having only good sewing technology is not enough nowadays. You need to have other value-added technologies also, for example, embroidery, printing, washing, etc. Here we will discuss the best commercial embroidery machine for Hats so that you can keep your door open for large companies, fashion stores, annual festivals, or sports teams.

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Why it’s important to have a commercial embroidery machine for Hats

Every business struggles to generate sales in the beginning. One of the main reasons for most startup companies that they target only one product line to generate revenue and plan to expand business once they grow enough capital after a certain time. It is logical at some point because the cost of acquiring a customer is low but it’s not always right for all the business categories. For example, if you are starting a catering service then you can hire a chef for Italian cuisine who can make all kinds of Italian dishes, and once it gets popularity you can gradually hire chefs for other cuisines to expand your customer range.

Now if you think about your clothing business it’s not only about shirts, tops, pants, or skirts. You need to have the capability to add values to these products by having an embroidery machine or printing machine, or washing facility. Also to meet some seasonal or festival demands it can be very helpful. There is a high demand for Hats or Caps in annual corporate picnics or annual sports events. You can easily make or buy caps from the market and customize them as per your client’s need. These small seasonal orders can help you to build contacts with the clients by which you can approach them in the future for their apparel orders.

Which is the best commercial embroidery machine for Hats

Several machines in the market can be used for Hat’s embroidery by using a specific hoop. But you need to keep in your mind this is a decorative service and a small flaw can reject the whole product. There is very little chance to repair a rejected embroidery. We have chosen the best commercial embroidery machine for hats which can be used for other embroidery purposes also by changing hoops.

Janome MB7 Seven-needle Embroidery Machine Reviews

Janome is a well-known brand in the market for making good quality embroidery machines. Its Model Janome MB7 is capable to work with a wide range of designs. Also, the productivity of this machine is very high which makes this one of the best commercial machines for embroidery.
Janome MB7 has a specific hoop for the hat. You can search for “Hat Hoop for Multi-Needle” or use reference number HATHOOPMB4 to start embroidering on the hat.

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats - Janome MB7
Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats – Janome MB7


Design: Has 50 Built-in Deign
Fonts: There are 10 fonts for monogramming
Hoop Size: Hoop and embroidery area Size: 9.4″ x 7.9″. Available hoops are: A) 9.4″ x 7.9″; B) 5″ x 4.3″; C) 2″ x 2″
Bobbin: It has a Jumbo bobbin which is bigger than regular bobbins.
Independent bobbin winder: Available
Thread Management: Programmable jump thread trimming and flexible stitch traveling
Buttonhole: No Buttonhole design
SPM: Max Stitches per minutes is 800
Screen Type: It has a 5.7-inch Remote Computer Screen (RCS)

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats - MB7 LCD Screen
LCD Screen of Janome MB7

USB: This machine has built-in USB 2.0 that allows you to easily upload your designs and preview your design edits on the screen
Sewing Light: It has 6 white LED light

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for Hats - LED Lights
LED Lights of Janome MB7

Product Dimension: 21.18 inch x 15.51 inch x 16.54 inch
Weight: 65 pounds
Color: White


  • It’s a 7 needle embroidery machine that helps to change thread quickly
  • Large embroidery area
  • It supports all professional embroidery formats .jef+, .jef and .dst
  • MB7 has programmable jump thread trimming
  • Stitch counter and stitch out time indicator available
  • It has a 40% larger bobbin than a regular bobbin
  • Includes instruction DVD
  • Computerized machine


  • Heavy machine
  • Only for embroidery

How to Hoop a Hat for Embroidery – Janome MB7

Step 1: Get hat hoop of code HATHOOPMB4 for Janome MB7
Step 2: Apply adhesive stabilizer onto the back of the Hoop. Make sure the stabilizer is tight enough
Step 3: Put hat on the hoop
Step 4: Choose design & thread color and press the start button

How Much Does It Cost to Embroider a Hat

Costing and ROI, are the important point you need to be clear about. If you don’t know your cost of production, marketing, logistics & finance then you cannot offer a competitive price to your client which may lead to losing business. So let have a brief on costing of embroidery on the hat.

Step 1: Ask your client about the designing requirement, like number thread color, design size, reinforcement quality, also if you need to source hats or your client will provide.

Step 2: Once you get complete guidance design 1st with free or paid embroidery design software and finalize SAM (Standard allowed minutes)

Step 3: Finalize cost of embroidery by adding up, fabric/reinforcement/hat price, thread price, designing cost, per minutes cost, transport & finance cost to finalize the cost. Remember, the number of stitches is one of the main factors to finalize cost so you need to be more careful on that.

Step 4: Add profit margin percentage to submit final costing. As there are lots of variable costs involved in the costing so a fixed price cannot be advised.


What is the best thread for embroidery?

Choosing embroidery thread often depends on design, fabric, and budget. We are giving an idea few threads which commonly used for embroidery projects.

What is the best thread for embroidery

Rayon thread is a very good choice for embroidery for its durability and versatility.

If you look for a low-cost thread similar to Rayon then you can choose Polyester thread. In terms of stitching quality, it’s not as good as Rayon but its color doesn’t fade out after several washes.

Cotton thread is good for finer materials. If you don’t want any shiny look then you can choose the cotton thread. It’s also not good for bulk production as the cotton thread is very fragile and productivity will be very low.

Silk thread the best choice for embroidery projects. If you have a high budget then you can choose Silk thread as it’s expensive.

You will also find few special effects threads in the market. If your client looking for a Glow-in-dark effect on the embroidery then you need to source special effects threads.

Do I need to provide embroidery design services to my clients?

If your client is in the clothing business then you might get designs & source materials and will pay you for making cost only but your client doesn’t have any design facility then you need to design as per their instruction. We recommend you to design even if your client has a designing facility. In that way, you will do FOB business where your margin will be higher and your support will encourage your client to place more orders.

Which is the best free embroidery design software?

Below free embroidery design software can be a good choice.

  • My Editor
  • TrueSizer
  • Bernina Artlink7
  • Brother’s BES Embroidery Software 3

Which is the best embroidery design software?

Understand your need before you purchase any software. If you do not have embroidery orders around the year spending thousands of dollars won’t be a wise decision. Here are a few software which you can try.

  • Digitize N Stitch
  • StitchArtist Level 1
  • StitchArtist Level 2
  • StitchArtist Level 3
  • Brother PE-Design Next

Final words for best embroidery machine for hats

We hope we can give you an idea regarding the best commercial machine for hats and why it’s important to grab new clients. We believe if you can continue to give designing services and good quality embroidery then you will have enough business in the future which will help your brand to grow big.

If you have any comments on this article you can write in the below comment box. You can also contact us via Email. We always appreciate your responses about our work.

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