What is Jersey Fabric – Clothing Study

Jersey fabric is a woven fabric that is mainly used to make clothing. It was originally made of wool, but it is now made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. In the middle Ages, Jersey was first produced in the Channel Islands. They were also an important exporter. At that time woolen cloth was more familiar than jerseys. In 1918, Gabrielle Coco designed the jersey fabric.

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10 Types of Natural Fiber You Should Know : Clothing Study

We all agree on the fact that natural resource is always better than any artificial materials. In the world of textiles, we can see the usage of both natural and artificial fibers. It varies due to price and fabric quality requirements. In this article, we will travel all around the world and will try to understand 10 types of natural fiber that you should know about. This highly informative article may help you to increase your depth of knowledge and to imply them in your professional life.

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Muslin Fabric : Its History and Rebirth

This muslin fabric was extremely light, soft, and smooth as the wind. There were many types of muslin in different names. The most beautiful of these names is ‘Bafat-hawa’ which means ‘hand-woven wind’. The name was given by a royal poet. According to one traveler, a 300-foot-long muslin cloth could be easily inserted and removed through a ring. Another said that 60 feet, or 18 meters, of muslin cloth, could easily fit into a pocket-sized snuff box. Dhakai muslin was so transparent and thin. 

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Lotus Fiber – The Most Spiritual Fabric : Clothing Study

From Lotus flower, fine silky fibers are found, from which rare types of fabrics are made. Made of Lotus Fibers, this fabric is just comparable to the flawless properties of silk. The lotus flower is picked up and the fibers are collected from its data and the yarn is cut by hand and it is used to make silk-like cloth in a special type of handloom with the same yarn.

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Negative effects of fashion on society

Though fashion trend seems very elegant and lavish. Still, there are many negative effects of fashion on society, which we will discuss further in this article. General people are the primary sufferer of this impact. It is more like maintaining the trend is for rich people. Rich people can easily afford the new lean. But it is hard for people with limited income. But this topic creates an instant question, is fashion harmful to society? 

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History of Sewing Machine : Clothing Study

The sewing machine was first designed in 1790. The work was done by a British citizen, named Thomas Saint. The obvious application for this machine refers to a machine that is hand-worked and taken care of for sewing calfskin & canvases. Almost after 40 years of Thomas Saint’s plan, the primary practical sewing machine came to this industry. The machine was made by a French tailor named Barthelemy Thimonnier.

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What is Denim Fabric : Clothing Study

In the case of ordinary fabrics, the first weft yarn is inserted through the top or bottom of the warp yarn. The next weft yarn is inserted in reverse. But in the case of denim, the weft yarn is inserted with two or more warp yarns on top or bottom. Note that in the case of denim, only warp yarn is colored yarn, but weft yarn is white. This is why the front of the denim is colored but the back is white.

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Viscose Rayon Fabric – Clothing Study

There was a time when silk was unique in its quality and beauty. Wearing a silk dress was considered aristocracy. But, it was not readily available to everyone because of the high price. That’s why there was a need for something that would be like silk in quality and beauty and would also be affordable. Vicos Rayon fabric becomes one of the alternatives of Silk.

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